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 Jen and Anthony’s wedding is a truly remarkable and culturally rich celebration!

The early morning preparation at Cremorne Point Manor has added a touch of elegance and sophistication to the event. The Asian-style feature enhancing makeup and the romantic high bun that Jen opted for surely accentuated her neckline, giving her a radiant and graceful look.

Choosing Sergeants Mess as the venue for both the ceremony and reception is a fantastic choice. Not only is it iconic, but its scenic location adds an extra charm to the whole event. The incorporation of a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, where Jen and Anthony wore traditional Chinese Kua, have been a beautiful and meaningful way to pay homage to their cultural heritage.

I can only imagine the excitement and joy that filled the air when the traditional Chinese lion dance took place during the reception. With Anthony being a professional lion dancer, it must have been a breathtaking sight that left a lasting impression on everyone present. The lion dance is not only a vibrant and energetic performance, but it is also believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits.

Overall, Jen and Anthony’s wedding celebration has been an unforgettable experience, blending traditions and personal touches in a unique and meaningful way. It’s beautiful to see couples embracing their cultural backgrounds and infusing them into their special day.

Amazing photos by the very talented Mavis Chong.

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