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Carol and Hermes wedding is on 11/11/2022, which is a great and popular date for weddings.

I am so honored to be Carol’s hair and makeup artist.

In the morning preparation we started the hair and makeup service with Carol’s mum. This is so that she has the convenience of continuing with her busy tasks prepping the morning after hair and makeup, just like most mothers of the brides do. Carol has 2 bridesmaids, whose ethnicities are respectively Chinese and Indian and therefore follow slightly different aesthetics. I and my senior stylist Yen are well equipped to apply different styles of makeup to suit all ethnicities accordingly so having different skin colors and features in a bridal group is not a problem at all.

For Carol, during the Chinese tea ceremony, I used natural Asian makeup techniques to enhance her features. I kept the makeup minimal with a focus on a fresh, glowing complexion. I used soft mauve shades on the eyes, curled her lashes, and applied customized lashes for a realistic look which still stands out in photos. For the lips, I used a subtle pink shade to complete the look. I then added subtle glow to highlight her cheekbones for a seamless and beautiful look. For her hair, I did a classic low bun with a loosely braided side. I also loosely curled side strands to softly frame her face. For the Chinese bridesmaid, my senior stylist followed the natural makeup trend with a light foundation, light pink cheeks, and a classic black eyeliner. She also took inspiration from traditional Chinese makeup and added a milk-tea toned lip for a chic look. As for the hair, my stylist did a romantic updo, looping them up, and securing them with bobby pins. For the Indian bridesmaid, I opted for a slightly more captivating look. I used a medium coverage foundation with a deep mauve blush to complement her skin tone. To finish off, I highlighted her cheekbones and gave her lips a pop of deeper pink. For hair, I styled it with her natural curls and used argan oil to give it a glossy and healthy shine before finally getting it into a romantic loose low bun.

During the dinner reception, I did a touch-up session for Carol’s makeup and changed her hair into a flowy half up half down with loose waves. The hairstyle matched her elegant attire and the soft curls added an extra feminine touch.

The wedding was breathtaking and memorable for all the right reasons, and I’m glad I could be a small part of it.

I am also excited to showcase some of Carol and Hermes’s engagement photos, captured by Cinevision production.

They are a true artistic masterpiece. Their talent shines through each and every frame, creating a breathtaking visual story that perfectly captures the essence of the couple’s love. I am thrilled to have them as the photographer for Carol’s wedding and can’t help but admire the magic they created on their big day too.

If you are interested in seeing how the hair and makeup turns out in videos please see the couple’s video highlights here.

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