Not to Prime is a Crime

Really can’t emphasize more on the importance of a primer.
The makeup appears so different with and without applying a primer. And the effect of wearing different primers various a lot.
Here is examples of several primers I normally use:

The cheapest option is Natio’s Ageless. It’s light weight and smells so natural. Although it sounds like it’s for more mature skin but it is actually not rich in texture. It just contains a lot of natural ingredients that is good for skin. It is not particular excellent as a primer but it is not bad for a moisturizer at all.
Forever Makeup’s HD primer belongs to one of its HD (high definition) series and it is supposed to be quite good. However I find it takes ages to dry and sometimes when you smooth liquid foundation above it, it will create clump….how annoying…so be patient and let it dry completely!

Stila’s hydration primer is great for mature skin, I mean really mature skin. I use it a lot on brides/grooms mums if their skin has deep lines and tend to be quite dry. It acts as a cushion to the wrinkles. The appearance is shiny on its own. But once you apply foundation on it the skin looks supple and lovely.

Laura Mercier’s Matt primer is a star! It is incredibly feather light and it also gives enough hydration to oily and combination skins. It absorbs quickly into the skin and creates a really smooth canvas.

Finally here is my favorite primer- Shu Uemura’s UV under base mousse.

It has two shades to choose from: natural and pink.

The one I’m using is pink. What a brave move coz most of my clients including myself has yellowish undertone in the skin. Amazingly this one still works well with this type of skin tone and it actually brightens up the skin without looking too awkward.

Press down the nozzle and you will get the interesting mousse just like those you use on your hair…oh yeah~~~ And don’t you just like the sound of that “tzeeeeeeeee” from the expanding mousse?

Apply onto the face best using a sponge. The mousse dries quickly and blends perfectly with the skin. It is not oily at all. In fact the skin looks noticeably smoother, as if it’s yelling, “quick! Put foundation on me…NOW!” LOL~ And it also contains SPF 30 PA+++ to double, or triple the goodness :)

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