Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday!!

Haven’t updated my blog for awhile. I was busy during the holiday seasons. How was you guys’ holiday? I trust it must be a fun and festive season for all of you (^^)
I travelled to Hong Kong the other day and yes updated my makeup kit with some new goodies.

Ok time to show off!


Mix & match eye shadow palette from Shu Uemura. I selected these 4 grayish silvery tone especially for creating either a smoky eyes look or a simpler look using 2 colors. I tested it and the color intensity is not the strongest but it is just right especially for Asian skin tone.

Then I got another 2 brow pencils from Shu Uemura.

They are absolutely favorite. It is called “hard formula” and what it makes it so special is that the color will only be activated by oil. So you test it on the back of your hand you won’t see any color but if you test it on your brow you will see really subtle hue. You can then easily whisk it repetitively to adjust till you reach the desired tone.

Well that’s it for today…I am so excited to introduce them to my clients tomorrow!

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