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Featured in Style me pretty

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 4th December 2013

I am honoured to be featured in stylemepretty.com

Full gallery in



Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 4th December 2013

Josephine said to me she is not a photogenic type of girl. This will prove her wrong. You are looking like one of those pretty Japanese Actress here.

Bridesmaid hair

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 4th December 2013

Less is more.

Ashleigh’s wedding preparation

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 4th December 2013

Ashleigh is so kool about the rain last Saturday and here is a picture of her relaxing during the morning preparation. She is truely a beautiful person inside out.

Ashleigh’s bridesmaid number 1. Natural beauty~~

Ashleigh’s bridesmaid number 2. Another pretty blonde lady. I applied bronze makeup on her to suit her tanning.

21st Birthday girl

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 4th December 2013

Don’t you just love this gorgeous girl Laura! It’s for her 21st birthday party. I love to make her blue eyes pop.

Amelia and Nino

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 4th December 2013

Ame and Nino’s pre wedding photoshoot. You both look so perfect together. Look forward to your wedding Feb next year! Bride’s and groom’s makeup and hair by Holly

Pretty Mummy

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 4th December 2013

Love pampering this lady the other day. Her 4-year old daughter said she now has a ‘new mum’. How cute

Vietnamese Ao Dai with a modern touch!

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 4th December 2013

Daisy has one of the most incredible smile I have seen. Good luck with the photoshoot and I can’t wait to see the real deal from your talented photographer travelled from overseas.: )

Daisy in her stunning traditional Ao Dai. Looking as fresh as a daisy
Hair and makeup by Holly

School formals season

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 4th December 2013

It was so much fun doing Tatiana’s school formal yesterday. This young lady told me she had never ever touched makeup at all. we were both very happy with the result and she swore she will get to learn more about makeup and wear it more often. Why be pretty when you can be gorgeous? Left:  skin lightly prep and brows groomed Right:  hair and makeup by Holly

And, minute before this gorgeous girl Ali happily headed to her school formal.

Melbourne Cup

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 4th December 2013
Nice meeting this lovely lady Tilly for her Melbourne cup event. Tilly is very athletic and she is a swimming life guard

My regular client

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 4th December 2013

Shaleen is a beautiful Indian lady who has detail specification of what she wants. Here is a sexy smoky eye look with side pinned up down hair style for one of her night event. left: Makeup by Holly Right: Hair and makeup by Holly


It was my pleasure to doll up this repeated client the other day. Thank you Shaleen for your trust and I enjoyed every minute working with you.   We experienced 2 different makeup looks and I couldn’t decide which one is prettier than the other. Can you give me your vote?   Left: makeup by Holly   Right: Hair and makeup by Holly

Braided updo

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 4th December 2013

Do you like this soft Braiding upstyle?

Venus and Tony

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 4th December 2013

Congrats to Venus and Tony’s engagement. It’s my pleasure to be part of your pre-wedding shoot. Hair and makeup by Holly

A floral wreath and natural makeup can give you a touch of sweet and girly look. would you consider this popular trendy? Hair and makeup by Holly

Waterfall braiding

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 4th December 2013

Would you like to a soft waterfall braiding hair style for a casual pre wedding shoot?

Love doing school formals

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 8th October 2013
I did this gorgeous girl’s formal the other day. She is 1/4 Chinese and the rest Samoan. Thanks for send this pic of me in action Cynthia!
Cynthia rocking this black flock like Ciara ~
Another beautiful girl, Michigan, who I did her formal the other day.  Looking stunning in the yellow blink dress. Thanks for sending through this lovely pic of yourself and your girls at the formal.

Glady + Josh

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 8th October 2013
Hair and makeup by Holly
Photo by Linda Truong Photography
Glady + Josh – Gorgeous warm light came out towards the end of the session. Love!

Thank you Easywedding for the award!

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 8th October 2013

A meaningful night

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 24th August 2013

I am so honored to do makeup and hair for a beautiful mum whose daughter is the Face of Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA). They are attending a charity function tonight and I understand just how special this means to them. You must be such a proud mum seeing your little warrior representing the event on stage! Keep fighting and I wish you all the best!


Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 19th August 2013

It’s my pleasure that my work has been featued in labridecn.com 田园新娘。 This blog is truly amazing and it showcases so much fun and insightful wedding information for future brides’ enjoyment. If you are planning on your big day and searching for that inspiration, or simply just appreciate the beauty of a wedding, this is where you should find your feet in. Enjoy ♥



Corporate Shoot

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 17th July 2013

I am so excited to share some of my corporate work that was done for the Platinum Travel Corp for their advertising campaign.

*Corporate photo shoot for Platinum Travel Corporation: A collaboration between Kate Disher-Quill Photography and Film & Faces Makeup and Hair

Saturday wedding

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 16th July 2013

It is my pleasure to meet Yani and do makeup for her civil wedding. She has this special exotic beauty from her half Chinese half Indian heritage. Congratulations again on your big day. You look absolutely stunning! I used Shu uemura eyeshadows and DMK foundation on her.

School formal

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 7th July 2013

Just done makeup and hair for these 2 gorgeous girls’ school formal. Warms my heart to see your confident smiles. Wonderful feeling to learn that their parents are over the moon to see their little girls looking so grown up and beautiful♥

“Hi Holly :) Thank you sooo much for yesterday ^^ we are both really happy with the outcome :) so thank you thank you! ” – Whitney

“Hi holly, thanks again for doing me and Whitney’s hair and make up. We had a really good time at the formal and received a lot of compliments~ everything was beautiful! Thank you ! :) xx”


Warm bodies

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 26th June 2013

I know as a MUA I am so accustomed to make my clients pretty. I am excited to make some of my clients look scary once for a while too. Guess what character is David mimicking?

Thank you David for being patient with me, and the lovely words you feedback for me.  :)

“Holly was an absolute professional and did a great job with the look that I wanted. She’s very good at special effects makeup and made me look exactly like a zombie which was what I wanted. Very meticulous, polite and explained what she was doing along the way. I would definitely recommend. ”


white noise

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 26th June 2013

A fashion shoot I did the other day. More work available in http://www.backyardopera.com/white-noise.html#.UcfPzssaySN EDITORIAL CREDITS Photographer: Toni Veziris www.toniveziris.net Photographer Assistant: Nathan Harmond Fashion Director: Allanah Jansons Styling: Kurt Johnson and Sylvie Cornu from +ESTATE of MiND www.estateofmind.com.au Makeup and Hair: Holly He Talent: Chinta Gash @ The Wolves

A Sunday shoot

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 19th June 2013

A shoot that I did last Sunday.Thanks to the lovely model Michelle and of coz the very talented photographer Krissy who produces this image that’s so clean and krispy.

Location: Park Hyatt Sydney

Photographer: Krissy Betty

Hair and makeup by H.H makeup and hair Artistry

May’s hair

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 13th June 2013

It is my pleasure to work with May for her hair trial the other day. She worried about her thin hair and the possibility of putting hair extension in.

The result is reassuring and we are both happy with it. It is good to see her wearing her natural hair so beautifully.


Cant’ wait to do makeup and hair for your pre-wedding shoot soon May!

An intimate wedding at Somersby Gardens.

Posted by: hollyHe
Posted on: 3rd May 2013

It was my great pleasure to witness Beibei and Kosol’s wedding at an unique venue like the Somersby Gardens.

Beibei requested a light makeup to suit the outdoor setting but at the same time emphasis on hers eyes to look dolly enough for her big day.

She has beautiful tanned skin. Love this Korean style inspired makeup on her.

Groom and bride happily making an entrance~

Congratulations again Beibei and Kosol.

makeup Cleasing oil, but wait, it is not exactly oil

Posted by: admin
Posted on: 5th November 2012

I often got clients who have oily or combination skin that are prone to breakouts, just like myself. I often get asked about what is the best type of product to remove makeup effectively without clogging pores. Here it is:

Cleasing Liquid by Orbis.

Cleasing Liquid by Orbis.

It is famous for its ‘oil cut’ properties, which mean it is absolutely 100% oil free and hence won’t clog pore while doing the same job as other traditional oil base remover. And it smells like coconut too. ummm yummy! This picture shows an almost finish bottle and I am going to stock up soon.

If you have really dramatic/heavy makeup, above probably wouldn’t do the job as effectively as a traditional oil base remover. You might wanna try something like this: oil that is derived from natural good oil. It feels really oily on your face and you massage gently on the face before rinsing with warm water. At contact of water the oil quickly transforms into a milky liquid and it doesn’t feel as oily anymore. I found this oil is more effective than the oil cut type.

If you are after something economical you might wanna try this. I found the eye makeup remover is pretty good. And it won’t sting your eyes like crazy that you see clouds in front of you. However the cleansing cloth and the cleanser from the same line seems useless.

Anyway ladies, let me know if you have found some other goodies that you wanna share the secrets :)

Personal Makeup Kit

Posted by: admin
Posted on: 31st January 2012

I often get asked what my personal makeup kit looks like.
Well although I have 2 full cases of professional makeup goodies for my clients, personally when I am on the run this is the only thing I carry for myself:

Time to spoil myself more~
I am curious to see what everyone else’s personal makeup bag would contain. I am currently upgrading my own personal one.

Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday!!

Posted by: admin
Posted on: 20th January 2012

Haven’t updated my blog for awhile. I was busy during the holiday seasons. How was you guys’ holiday? I trust it must be a fun and festive season for all of you (^^)
I travelled to Hong Kong the other day and yes updated my makeup kit with some new goodies.

Ok time to show off!


Mix & match eye shadow palette from Shu Uemura. I selected these 4 grayish silvery tone especially for creating either a smoky eyes look or a simpler look using 2 colors. I tested it and the color intensity is not the strongest but it is just right especially for Asian skin tone.

Then I got another 2 brow pencils from Shu Uemura.

They are absolutely favorite. It is called “hard formula” and what it makes it so special is that the color will only be activated by oil. So you test it on the back of your hand you won’t see any color but if you test it on your brow you will see really subtle hue. You can then easily whisk it repetitively to adjust till you reach the desired tone.

Well that’s it for today…I am so excited to introduce them to my clients tomorrow!

Job on last Saturday

Posted by: admin
Posted on: 23rd November 2011

Had worked non-stop last Saturday and here are selected photos of some of my lovely clients.

Jennifer is such a sweet and pretty bride. This is for her casual wedding luncheon after she had done twice back in her own country. Looking stunning with her cocktail dress and a cute little Tiara.

Rainbow is going out for her Graduation Ceremony.

I really like her idea of applying a Teal color liner at lower lash line. Very daring and matches well with her dress!

Cinderella wedding

Posted by: admin
Posted on: 10th November 2011

Can you imagine wearing a pair of stunning shoes like this to your once a life time wedding?

Or how about a more down-to-earth, effortless glamour?

Hen’s party makeover and entertainment, partnered with the super awesome Devilicious Dance crew~

Posted by: admin
Posted on: 8th November 2011

Last Saturday was super awesome!

I did makeup on the bride to be and her gals on the hen’s night party.

The day flows so well. The girls all get a complete makeover in a professional Salon Captitaved Hair and Beauty @ 116 Percival Rd, Stanmore, Australia 2048 (02)95646818 with champagne and nibbles. The girls were having so much fun being pampered while I continue to provide them latest info on makeup and products I use. The happy bride to be Rachel:

And now everyone is set to go!

The hen’s party include a fun and sexy Burlesque dance routine taught and guided by the super crazy dance crew Devilicious girls. Today’s instructor is the sweet and cute Josie~~ Rachel was having so much fun with the cheeky and sometimes wicked dance move woohoo…~~

If you are interested in a complete makeover for a glamorous hen’s night, or if you need ideas of how to spice up your party with the girls please contact me, or email deviliciousgirls@gmail.com for Kathryn and Josie.

Hello to Halloween~

Posted by: admin
Posted on: 24th October 2011

Isn’t it exciting that it is again this awesome moment of the year, the scary Halloween! Everyone is playing around with costumes, props and fantasy makeup.
Here is one of my lovely clients who wear my makeup to a pre-Halloween party.
I hope you had fun with it :)

I can smell Summer!

Posted by: admin
Posted on: 24th October 2011

It is so hot today! Are we entering Summer already?

I can’t wait to do makeup on the Summer brides. :)
There is so much you can do in a Summer wedding. Brides, get yourselves well hydrated and you will have glowing skin for great makeup despite hot winds and sweats.

Look how cute is this 100% pure green coconut water straight up from the nature?
Who can tell this is real coconut water, but sitting in a fake shell? :D


Congrats Miranda! @Prince Henry Centre

Posted by: admin
Posted on: 23rd October 2011

It was such a lovely weather today after several weekends of rains and bad weather. I am so happy for my bride of the day-Miranda for being blessed with a lovely weather, especially @ such a nice venue with a spectacular view!

This is the handy workstation for Makeup and hair:

and the beautiful blushing bride Miranda!

Time to Airbrush

Posted by: admin
Posted on: 21st October 2011

I only use best of the best for Airbrushing.

Introducing…..Temptu Airbrush kit:

SP-35 Airbrush gun

Not to Prime is a Crime

Posted by: admin
Posted on: 21st October 2011

Really can’t emphasize more on the importance of a primer.
The makeup appears so different with and without applying a primer. And the effect of wearing different primers various a lot.
Here is examples of several primers I normally use:

The cheapest option is Natio’s Ageless. It’s light weight and smells so natural. Although it sounds like it’s for more mature skin but it is actually not rich in texture. It just contains a lot of natural ingredients that is good for skin. It is not particular excellent as a primer but it is not bad for a moisturizer at all.
Forever Makeup’s HD primer belongs to one of its HD (high definition) series and it is supposed to be quite good. However I find it takes ages to dry and sometimes when you smooth liquid foundation above it, it will create clump….how annoying…so be patient and let it dry completely!

Stila’s hydration primer is great for mature skin, I mean really mature skin. I use it a lot on brides/grooms mums if their skin has deep lines and tend to be quite dry. It acts as a cushion to the wrinkles. The appearance is shiny on its own. But once you apply foundation on it the skin looks supple and lovely.

Laura Mercier’s Matt primer is a star! It is incredibly feather light and it also gives enough hydration to oily and combination skins. It absorbs quickly into the skin and creates a really smooth canvas.

Finally here is my favorite primer- Shu Uemura’s UV under base mousse.

It has two shades to choose from: natural and pink.

The one I’m using is pink. What a brave move coz most of my clients including myself has yellowish undertone in the skin. Amazingly this one still works well with this type of skin tone and it actually brightens up the skin without looking too awkward.

Press down the nozzle and you will get the interesting mousse just like those you use on your hair…oh yeah~~~ And don’t you just like the sound of that “tzeeeeeeeee” from the expanding mousse?

Apply onto the face best using a sponge. The mousse dries quickly and blends perfectly with the skin. It is not oily at all. In fact the skin looks noticeably smoother, as if it’s yelling, “quick! Put foundation on me…NOW!” LOL~ And it also contains SPF 30 PA+++ to double, or triple the goodness :)

Cleansing oil……….Again!!

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Posted on: 11th October 2011

I might be long winded about the importance of cleansing oil buy guys this is my long time favorite from the mighty Shu Uemura! Great for oily and combination skin. The Green tea cleansing oil. It turns into milky lotion when in contact with water and it smells so awesome!


First time partnering with Amy Chan on 24/September

Posted by: admin
Posted on: 11th October 2011

First time partnering with Amy Chan for a wedding makeup job 2 weeks ago.

It was such a great pleasure working with the lovely makeup Artist Amy and the handy man: photographer + Hairdresser in ONE Harry Mak. We made a fabulous team! :)

8/10/11 my friend Kathryn and Joe’s GRAND wedding!

Posted by: admin
Posted on: 11th October 2011

Congratulations again to my long time friend Kath & Joe’s wedding!

The whole wedding (ceremony + dinner reception) was so touching and heartfelt.
The dancing and singing performance was one of the BEST I have ever seen! Great work Kath and Joe and big big big thank you to all the friends that help out and make this happen. Huge thank you go to the wedding planner Fiona and Vivi who had been working so hard for past months. Also our funny MCs Bobby and Ame you two are awesome! The dancers, the bridal party, all the friends and relatives…..congrats again guys it was a PERFECT night~~ I really enjoyed it :)

And Oh yes I am happy to have the opportunity to do makeup on my Devilicious dance crew members Josie and Grace, who are also 2 of the bridesmaids of the day. I love you both!!

And this is our beautiful Bride Kathryn! My heart melts~~

The Maid of Honor Penny. Thank you for coming all the way from HK. We wish to see you more soon back in Sydney :) xoxo


Posted by: admin
Posted on: 3rd May 2011

This is the magic water that I spray on clients with dehydrated skin before makeup just to tone and refresh the skin. It can also be used on oily skin as it feels light and incredibly refreshing. Actually in short I find that it can be used on almost all sorts of skin types because of its gentle formula. After all it is only made with cucumber right? :) At least it smells like natural cucumber and reminds you of 2 cucumber slice covering your eyes while you are lying comfortably at your own home relaxing.

A Saturday shoot

Posted by: admin
Posted on: 5th April 2011

Introducing the stunning

Viviane Nguyen from Melbourne.

It was my pleasure to work with you for the first time and you look absolutely gorgeous that day.
Of course again a big thank-you for the photographer Ed Hor’s fantastic skill, even on a dull rainy day. I know you never let anyone down! :) Thumbs up!

Beauty photo shoot with Johan Westen today

Posted by: admin
Posted on: 13th February 2011

It is such a pleasure to work with the talented Photographer Johan and our lovely model Jessica today. We had heaps of fun and the photos turns out so gorgeous!

had a great team and I simply love it! Here are some sneak peeks. Enjoy guys~~

A good base is everything!

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Posted on: 17th January 2011

This is the MAC studio finish liquid foundation that I use for main stream.

It glides on smoothly with exceptional good coverage. Just second to cream base foundation but better because it is without the heaviness and cakiness on the skin. I got 2 light shades. One is yellow base and the other is pinker. I normally just mix them to create desirable shades for different skin tones.

Another good trick to have perfect complexion is use a good primer before foundation. However different skin types require different attention so here are some varieties. :) Whichever you use, just let it sit on your skin and allow to absorb before adding on foundation ladies~


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Posted on: 2nd January 2011

This is the complete makeup kit! I got this goodie from Sephora in the U.S.
Still playing around with it. I have not tried it on clients yet. Will get to use it more and get more familiar with it properties till I can tell if it is good or bad.
So far the shadow color shows fantastic on the skin. The pigments are strong enough and you can choose from matt to sheer…

Ok this is what it looks like:

Will post more makeup goodies from my Shopping in the US.

Welcome to H.H Makeup Artistry

Posted by: admin
Posted on: 18th November 2010

Exciting Blog about makeup and hair coming soon!!

Stay tuned gorgeous! :)