makeup Cleasing oil, but wait, it is not exactly oil

I often got clients who have oily or combination skin that are prone to breakouts, just like myself. I often get asked about what is the best type of product to remove makeup effectively without clogging pores. Here it is:

Cleasing Liquid by Orbis.

Cleasing Liquid by Orbis.

It is famous for its ‘oil cut’ properties, which mean it is absolutely 100% oil free and hence won’t clog pore while doing the same job as other traditional oil base remover. And it smells like coconut too. ummm yummy! This picture shows an almost finish bottle and I am going to stock up soon.

If you have really dramatic/heavy makeup, above probably wouldn’t do the job as effectively as a traditional oil base remover. You might wanna try something like this: oil that is derived from natural good oil. It feels really oily on your face and you massage gently on the face before rinsing with warm water. At contact of water the oil quickly transforms into a milky liquid and it doesn’t feel as oily anymore. I found this oil is more effective than the oil cut type.

If you are after something economical you might wanna try this. I found the eye makeup remover is pretty good. And it won’t sting your eyes like crazy that you see clouds in front of you. However the cleansing cloth and the cleanser from the same line seems useless.

Anyway ladies, let me know if you have found some other goodies that you wanna share the secrets :)