A good base is everything!

This is the MAC studio finish liquid foundation that I use for main stream.

It glides on smoothly with exceptional good coverage. Just second to cream base foundation but better because it is without the heaviness and cakiness on the skin. I got 2 light shades. One is yellow base and the other is pinker. I normally just mix them to create desirable shades for different skin tones.

Another good trick to have perfect complexion is use a good primer before foundation. However different skin types require different attention so here are some varieties. :) Whichever you use, just let it sit on your skin and allow to absorb before adding on foundation ladies~


This is the complete makeup kit! I got this goodie from Sephora in the U.S.
Still playing around with it. I have not tried it on clients yet. Will get to use it more and get more familiar with it properties till I can tell if it is good or bad.
So far the shadow color shows fantastic on the skin. The pigments are strong enough and you can choose from matt to sheer…

Ok this is what it looks like:

Will post more makeup goodies from my Shopping in the US.